Faith Building for Kingdom Success

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Chapter Two

Life and Death in Words: Word Power

1. The word that you speak transmit or

2. What is perverseness?

3. God's Word is His for man. Your words should be your toward God.

4. God's Word in the heart, then with the tongue and out of the mouth becomes a spiritual force releasing the ability of God.

5. The reason your words are important to you is that they you more than they anyone else.

6. The inner ear feeds your directly into the human - what is referred to as the heart.

7. Why is it impossible fo God is lie?

8. Why did Jesus have such great faith?

9. Faith that is in God's Word gets into your when you it.

10. How is a person's faith nullified??

11. How can a person write things on the table of their heart? Give scripture reference?

12. What is the definition of the word "hearken"?

13. Your tongue can your heart into believing that the words are exactly what you want.

14. Describe the Kingdom of God. Where does it operate? (Give scripture reference.) What is the spiritual power-force in the Kingdom?

15. The more you speak the Word, the more you it. The more you the Word, the more you speak it.

16. How can you usually locate people and tell where they are spiritually?

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